Romano’s books just keep getting better!

There are plenty of you who read the mass market writers, you know the ones.  Tale after tale, well written but usually just more of the same. Distributed to every nook and cranny before the ink is dry. I read them too.

What I really enjoy though, are the independent authors.  The ones who struggle to get published and tell their stories without the polish of a big city editor. They write for the love of it rather than to fulfill a commitment to their publisher.

They are real and I like real. 

I have been following Bob Romano and his writing since Shadows in the Stream when he introduced me to the Rangeley Region of Maine.

His books not only make me feel as if I have been there, but lived there as well. He brings the characters to life, takes me down the road, across the river and into the woods with them. I can almost feel the black flies biting.

The River King offers a new view from his previous series; one through the eyes of a Maine fishing guide who was born and raised there, unlike Sal who was a transplant. Harry’s life, his family, friends and all that that entails keeps me turning the pages. An adventure with some twists and turns as well as lots of brook trout.

Bob’s novels keep me entangled in the lives of those who live in the north country. 

I highly recommend  The River King!

Looking forward to his next.

Bob Romano's Books
Bob Romano’s Books

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