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How to Fly Fish for Trout: The FIRST Book to Read

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Question: Why another book on how to fly fish for trout?

Answer: Because all of the books out there offer too much information for a beginner. This is all you need to know to get started. If you are a guy or gal who just wants to try this sport and enjoy the little time you have to go fishing, this book will get you on the stream and catching fish sooner than the others. Besides, once you understand and, more importantly, experience what is offered here, all the other books will make much more sense.

Also included in the Fish Tales section are true stories outlining strategies, tactics and techniques as well as descriptions of some of my favorite fishing spots.

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How to Fly Fish for Trout, the FIRST Book to Read: Buy now on Amazon


Letters to Mack: Correspondence on a Fishing Life

The cover of this book is deceiving. 

In fact there is no story within its pages that tells of catching these three monster fluke off the north fork of Long Island in the spring of 2002. 

The book is composed of letters sent to my friend Mack.  That’s him holding the biggest fluke.  Most of them are about my fly fishing and other adventures written so we could enjoy them together. I didn’t have to write him about this adventure because he was there.  In fact he was there, 2500 miles from his home, because he thought it was a good idea since I had just suffered a blow, a crippling (at the time) job loss.

He came immediately when he heard, without asking.

So I didn’t write that story and still don’t want to all these years later, but I did want to honor him with this cover photo and by naming the book for him rather than some fishing title which would have surely sold more copies.

Mack with a mess of stockies

It’s a memoir of a fishing life…

and a friendship that spans that life.  The stories are of fishing with a fly rod, as well as with other tackle, and of the outdoors, and of friends, and of places you would probably like to fish too: The Catskills, Adirondacks, and Long Island salt as well as a memorable trip to Durango and the San Juan.

I am a lifelong fisherman…

who loves to fly fish for trout but also enjoy all that the saltwater has to offer from my home base on the Long Island.

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Letters to Mack: Correspondence on a Fishing Life: Buy Now on Amazon 

Mack with a Midnight Plum Gut Bass

Letters to Mack 2: Correspondence from Montana to Montauk

Tom’s home waters, when it comes to trout, are the Catskills of New York State so it is appropriate that the first stories in this collection take place there.

Living on the Long Island Sound and being a short distance from the saltwater mecca of Montauk, he has been fortunate to fish there as well, one time witnessing the amazing triple play of bass, blues and false albacore, all exploding at once within the shadow of the famous lighthouse.

Fly Fishermen have a need to look west, beyond the prairies. Montana and its sister states with their mountains, wild streams and monster trout have been the magnet which has drawn Tom for many years. He offers a journal of three of those trips for your vicarious fishing pleasure.

All of these stories were written as letters to his lifelong friend Mack. Letters to Mack 2: Correspondence from Montana to Montauk is a collection of 19 of those letters.

Letters to Mack 2: Correspondence from Montana to Montauk: Buy now on Amazon.


Letters to Mack 3: Correspondence from Islamorada to Pulaski

Letters to Mack 1 and 2 have brought us from the 1950’s though 2010. The correspondence in book 3 covers the expanding reach of Tom’s fly rod, moving from trout and stripers to small mouth bass, tarpon, and salmon then on to steelhead.

They include taking a buddy fishing and some kids as well. They disclose the closing of some chapters in his life, as well as the opening of new ones. Some history, some philosophy and a lot of fishing. Please check out the reviews on Letters to Mack Book One for more feedback on how these books have been received.

Letters to Mack 3: Correspondence from Islamorada to Pulaski: Buy now on Amazon.

How to Improve Your Fly Fishing & Catching

How to Improve Your Fly Fishing & Catching

Fly fishing is an ever evolving sport.  We reach various plateaus in our knowledge and skills which require some agent to move us forward. This book is one of those agents.

It contains some very simple and commonsense tips on how to improve your fly fishing and catching. Nothing earth shattering or new to the universe, I can assure you, but embracing these concepts will surely make your time on the water more productive and more fun.

Above is the first edition which is in black and white. 

The second edition is now available in color.

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Watch this space...

Watch this space…

You never know what will pop up next!

I am in the process of re-distributing the collections of neat stuff I have accumulated over the years – rods, reels, magazines of old, books – lots of books.  Old freshwater fishing lures were a passion for a while. Mitchell spinning reels a favorite. Maybe even some art, framed and ready to hang. 

I will post as I have time and eventually will put the items on eBay, but will give my followers a chance to see them first, here, in Stuff for Sale on my blog. 

If you see something you are interested in you just click here and let me know.  We can work out the price and details from there. 

The plan is to get this stuff into the hands of someone who will enjoy it as much as I have. Cheers!


Signed and Inscribed

Signed and Inscribed

10/8/2020 – 

From my library: 

The Dettes, A Catskill Legend by Eric Leiser, 1992, first edition, signed by Walt, Winnie and Mary as well as inscribed by the author to Charley Nardi, long time fishing manager at Campsite Sport Shop in Melville dated 5/19/1992. 

Very good condition.

If interested drop me a line and make me an offer.

I will be listing this and more on eBay over the next few months. I am posting this notice to give  friends the opportunity to buy directly first. Almost all the books listed in the Reading Room are in my Library and most will be available.