Saltwater Blues

I am surrounded by saltwater and have a good number of quality trout streams nearby. Salmon and steelhead are not that far away, but I have not been able to get on the water lately due to other commitments – which is why I have a case of the blues.

I wish I had the hard fighting, mean biting kind that fill our bays at this time of year but my blues are the other kind.  The kind that require some time, an attitude adjustment and a long walk with the dog.

I was walking Otto the other night and there they were – the right kind of Blues…or were they Albies?  No matter, the very sight of them lifted my spirits! I thought I would share the photo with you in the hope that they may raise your spirits too.

Look for some, hopefully, fish filled posts coming soon.

Tight lines to all!

Action on the water

The above photos are off Eatons Neck but if you want to find out what a full fall blitz is like out at Montauk, rocking the waves in a 23 foot boat with a fly rod, pick up a copy of Letters to Mack 2, Correspondence from  Montana to Montauk.

Fall blitz off Montauk

Tom's Fishing Stories

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