Shameless Self Promotion

My first book was not about fishing. Neither was my most recent one. They are more about living – but this is a fishing website so I will stick to the subject.

How to Fly Fish for Trout, The First Book to Read was my first fishing book.  I wrote it for a friend who wanted to learn how to fly fish but was overwhelmed by the comprehensive guides that are available. This is all you need to know to get on a stream and catch a trout. It has proven very popular; there are over 5000 copies in circulation out there. 

Next came Letters to Mack; Correspondence on a Fishing Life. This is a combination memoir and fishing journal with a few other interests mixed in.  It covers fresh water and salt, from trout to tarpon. It is a collection of letters I wrote over the years to a life long friend named Mack. There are 3 books in the series.  If you like Nick Lyons and John Gierach who both write about what they do and did, you may very well like Letters to Mack. 

The most recent book on fishing is How to Improve Your Fly Fishing & Catching. This was inspired by Paul McCain of RiverBay Outfitters who asked me to write a series of tips for his newsletter. There are 30 tips written in what I hope is a fun and interesting manner that will actually help the intermediate and the more experienced fisher remember those subtle things that make the difference when you have a fly rod in hand. 

You can see them all, as well as some reviews, by clicking here.

I have been known to donate copies to worthy causes. If you have a cause or would like an autographed copy go to Drop me a line and let me know what you want.


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