Stripers Forever

Stripers Forever, a non profit volunteer run organization based in New England but serving everywhere the Stripers roam, is doing what it can to keep fishing for Stripers a current event.

You can join and be counted as another sport fisher who cares for these fish and wants to keep them around for future generations of sport fishers to come – and it costs nothing to join!

That’s right, this is a volunteer organization that raises its funds other than through dues – they don’t want anything to stop you from adding your name to their membership – for in numbers there is strength – and this fish needs all of our combined strength to survive.

If you would like your children and grand children to be using your tackle to catch stripers, take a look at Stripers Forever and see what you think.

For more information on Stripers Forever click here.

What a fish. What a story.

In my lifetime I have seen them come and go too many times, the population being decimated in one decade and revived in another, and then again. 

We have all sat on the dock and watched as a 6 pack pulled in and the mate tossed fish after fish on to the dock, big ones, BREEDERS.  I have no argument with a fisher wanting some meat but in my opinion the largest fish taste the least good and produce the most eggs – we just need to figure out how to get the fishers and the captains think about that before they keep a fish. 

Tight Lines!


Stripers Forever advocates for the conservation and responsible stewardship of wild striped bass along the Atlantic Coast.

Stripers Forever, a non-profit, internet-based conservation organization, seeks game fish status for wild striped bass on the Atlantic Coast in order to significantly reduce striper mortality, to provide optimum and sustainable public fishing opportunities for anglers from Maine to North Carolina, and to secure the greatest socio-economic value possible from the fishery.