Summer on the Conny

July 5, 2021 – Monday – Connetquot

It’s the 4th of July holiday since the holiday fell on a Sunday this year.  It matters to working people but for us it’s just Monday.  Project Healing Waters has the park first Monday of the month.  I had told Jeff I would be in the Adirondacks and wouldn’t attend but with Otto unwell I cancelled my trip with Joe and his in-laws. As late as this afternoon he asked if I would reconsider but it’s better I stay close for a while.


So I went to PHW at Connetquot.  It was a nice day and there were some fish in the river.  I could not decide how to dress – wet wade?  Walk the banks? Wade with hippers or full waders?  I just brought it all and made the call at the park.  I walked the bank.

Chris Brown is there with a young fellow named Tom.  He is just in from the west.  I gave him my copy of Long Island Spring Creeks as he asked where else to fish.  I need to get another copy. Bill Smith and three guys I don’t know are here as well, all Vets.  Joe Rubino introduces everyone, he is collecting the fees. Joe Hutter is behind me.

I figured on fishing my way upstream and hoped to hit some before Beat 27.  A family of swans was on the path and I had to talk them into going for a swim. I did spook one at 22 but then none until I was crossing the bridge and saw a rise at 29.  I had a small BWO on but the sun had come out since I made that decision.  Used it anyway and worked 29 while a fish rose on 30.  One of those days.  Worked all the spots above the bridge and then tied on a Woolly Bugger for upper 27. Nothing. I hit 26 and 25 then just walked until I hit 20 and 20a. They have cleared the Deep Water Pond of all the snags and downed trees.  It looks clear, dark and deep now but the Bass we usually catch there liked the structure and have moved to new homes. Nada.

I walked to 16a hoping to find it empty but Joe Rubino was there and landing yet another fish on a nymph rig. “Pheasant Tail” he says.  Nice fish, his 12th. Joe Hutter comes by on his way out, three on a green caddis so he was happy. Joe offered me 16a but I wanted to see how the tributary on 14 looked since they cleaned out all the brush up to the artesian wells. It is a wider channel and could be navigated if I had my hippers on and didn’t mind the ticks.

I went to the dock at 14 and they also cleared much of the debris out of lower 14.  Almost too much.  I can see some big girls scooting around just past the big tree, fighting with each other it seems. I have a Dace on and make a long cast from the dock to clear the weeds and it lands among the fish.  They seem to not care.  I pull in and it has weed on it. I try a few more times and change flies, BWO, Joe Stack.  It’s too far and too much line but I did get it there. Bill Smith comes by who has also had a quiet day.  I walk to 13 and then back to 15.

I play with them in the deep hole but I am tired and not on my game.  Tie on new tippet after leaving the 6x that was on with the fly in a tree. Back to 16a which is now empty. I float the Joe Stack but it’s too late.

As I walk to the car I am thinking I will take a break from the park for a while.  I often think this after a tough summer day – but usually come back.  I think about the Adirondacks.  I think about fishing with Jason and Dave Flanagan Wednesday but heat and storms will probably nix that.  When I get home Sue encourages me to make a decision based on a forecast of 90+ degrees feeling like 105 plus severe thunderstorm warnings. Dave said we could play it by ear and call it if necessary but to make her feel more comfortable and reassure her of my ability to be occasionally reasonable, I cancel.

I am ok with a break.  For now.

For a complete tour of Connetquot and how to fish it try this YouTube.