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You know how you can click on a link to a web page and then, before you get to the content, there are a bunch of ads that if you as much as look at them they take you to an ad you didn’t want to see?  I hate that. 

This web site is virgin – no commercial ads. Endorsements, book reviews, resources and stories, but no commercial ads and no “wait 5 seconds to skip this ad” stuff.  It is a site for fishers who just want to talk to another fisher. No tricks, no devious electronic traps.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. 

Table of Contents

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You can open on any page and just start paging around. At the bottom of every post is a directional arrow to the post before this one and the post after. 

You can also go to a particular category from the top tabs and scroll down through the entries. 

If you have an interest in a particular place or subject use the SEARCH window at the bottom of every post. Type in a river, a state, an organization like “Project Healing Waters” or “Theodore Gordon Flyfishers” or “Long Island Trout Unlimited.”  Fishing Journals are by year, Tips and Tactics, Life and more. See if you can find yourself in my Fish & Friends pages. 

Or just go to the home page and click something. 

There have been over 88,000 visitors to this website…

which has over 360 posts – so there should be something for everyone but if not, go to Drop Me A Line, ask me a question and I will respond as best I can.

Montauk Albie on a Fly

All the posts have something to do with fishing. Most are stories of places I go, who I go with, methods we use and what we catch – if anything.

Tom’s Books

Books are a big part of my fishing life,

writing a few and reading many, some by friends.  Take a look at the Reading Room or the New Reads Blog. Most are linked to Amazon for your convenience (but if you don’t want to go there, don’t click it!) There is more information on the streams, lakes and salt I fish in my trilogy – Letters to Mack

Hope you enjoy the website.

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