Take some kids fishing

August 31 – Northport – 

I love to take kids fishing.  CJ and Sean were first followed by Granger.  Kids are the future of our sport. 

Chris and the boys came out fishing today.  I picked them up at the town dock, CJ and Sean along with Dad. They were well provisioned and ready for some fish.  A few weeks ago at Lake George they did pretty well off the dock; sunnies, maybe some perch and bass.  They were anxious to get going. 

Once out of the harbor I let each of them take a turn at the wheel, CJ doing donuts off Asharoken. Then Sean asked when we were going to fish?

Sean at the wheel

I pulled in behind Centerport to block the east wind which was building. Dropped the hook, lowered the chum basket and baited the hooks.  No takers. 

Want to see some lighthouses?

We ran over to the Huntington Light with each boy taking a turn at the wheel.  It was decked out for Musicfest which is held every Labor Day Weekend to raise funds.   CJ wanted to take some photos with his iPad after which we again dropped the hook and tried our luck.  The tide was barely moving and the fish were asleep.

Dad Chris showing CJ how to do it

They had been to the Montauk Light with my sister, their Gram (called Mimi). We headed out to the Eatons Neck Light.  The closer we got the higher the waves.  The Sound was running at about 3 feet with whitecaps, a strong east wind blowing. 

I pulled adjacent the Coast Guard Beach, still protected from the wind a bit but the boat was rocking and rolling.  CJ again wanted photos and stood on that deck like a true sailor, iPad in hand. I explained that like the Montauk Light, this one was also commissioned by George Washington and was the second one built on Long Island.

Sean asked when we were going to start fishing?

We motored over to Valley Grove where I have a secret spot or two that usually produce.  It wasn’t long before Sean had one on and CJ shortly after, again running for his iPad to record his catch.

When I take kids out I need to be aware that they are still kids and not necessarily in favor of extended hours on the boat. I try to move a lot and change the game to keep them interested.  These boys wanted to fish. Period!

Sean keeps his hook in the water!

After a bunch of porgies

The James Joseph pulled in just south of us and then the Klondike anchored north of us.  So much for my secret spot. It was after 1 and we still had yet to do some snapper fishing. We pulled anchor and headed into the bay. CJ, assisted by Dad, took the wheel and I put away the porgy rigs, and took out the snapper poles. Sean was looking forward to fishing with a lure.

We worked Winkle Point

The snappers that usually hang out in the shore line waters were not there.  Then Chris saw some birds pecking at the water behind us.  The wind drifted us in that direction and soon Sean had his fish on a lure – the first snapper! We put him in the bucket to swim around and CJ got his iPad, shooting a video this time. I explained earlier how I release all my fish so we can catch them another day. They enthusiastically agree.

Snapper Season

We moved over to the west side of Duck Island and the same thing occurred with no fish in the shore grasses but plenty out in the open water. They asked if they could keep fishing, knowing it was getting near time.  I told them we had to go to the dock but they are welcome anytime and that we can do this again.


The dock was jammed with snapper fishers of all shapes and sizes.  I tooted the horn twice to let them know I was approaching. Most cleared the way and one fellow helped hold the boat as the crew went ashore.

I think we have two more fishers in this family of ours and maybe a photographer too.


August 26 – Northport –

I have been fishing with my grand nephew Granger since he could walk. 

I picked him up at the Port Jeff Ferry, grabbed some lunch and bait. We were on the water by noon.  Phil at Cow Harbor tipped us off on what spot was serving up big porgies so that was our destination.  Granger took the wheel. At 16 he will be driving more than a boat before too long.

There were a few boats in the area  

We drifted a bit first and then anchored in the 25 foot water with lots of markings on the sonar. A few porgies and a sea robin resulted.  We moved a few times and then over to the water adjacent the Morgan Estate.  We each scored sea bass, a few more porgies and another sea robin.  Time to head in. Granger brought us home.

A good day.

Granger with his Black Sea Bass

Take a kid fishing!

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