Thank You For Your Service – and this new book!

You’re Welcome

A story of time in the service, and more than that, a description of what being in the military is really like.  “You’re Welcome” provides insight into the daily life of a soldier. It’s a well written and entertaining book with laughs and misadventures, human short comings and military foibles, but in the end an honest account of what military life was, and probably still is, like.

The book came about as Dave pondered the growing phenomenon of people thanking him for his service, hence the title. It’s a respectful and honorable practice, but he wonders if the “thankers” know what the hell they are thanking him for. When he joined the Army he had visions of John Wayne and all the WWII movies but it wasn’t like that.

You need to read this book to find out what it was like – and in the meanwhile, keep thanking those Veterans.

Available in Audio, Digital and Print all priced to make it easy for you to own a copy in your media of choice. Click HERE