The 2 happiest days?

Most people say that, for boat owners, they are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. 

I am happy to be an exception to that rule. 

The first day was a joyous one, but the 7200+ days after that have been equally great.  I love this boat and always have, even before I owned it.  I used to have a photo of a Grady White on the bulletin board in my office, waiting for the day I could realize the dream of having one. My boss told my wife that most guys have photos of their families and that she should probably consider letting me get the boat, not that she ever said I couldn’t, it just wasn’t time yet.

We took baby steps, first getting a used 1984 22 foot Seafarer which we had for 14 years.  Then we were at the 2000 New York Boat Show with my son, his wife and our first grandson. They were shopping for a boat and decided on a Sea Ray.  Good family boat.  When they concluded their deal Tom turned to me and said “now let’s go buy you one”.  It was truly the farthest thing from my mind. My career was yo-yoing up and down – but the 1984 Grady was showing some wear.  My first response was “with whose money?” since he brought it up.  Sue looked at me and said “Let’s do it.” I was floored, and over joyed.

We climbed over and under, in and out of all the Grady models, even though I had decided years ago that the 232 was the best boat a man could buy, a fisherman anyway. I debated going a size larger, a nicer interior with an enclosed head for a few bucks more.  In the end it was the 232.  We test drove it in February in Southold where they broke through the ice to get us out on the bay. We accepted delivery on Sue’s birthday.

A lot of water has passed under that hull since.

For 5 years I kept it in Southold, driving it out each fall for the fall run and then fishing the spring fluke before driving it back on Memorial Day. Wonderful water out there.  I will never forget the spring weekend Mack and I spent in 2002, fishing through the night in Plum Gut with waves crashing over the bow.  What a boat. She has taken us to Montauk, the waters off Block Island, the Gull Islands and the Race as well as all around Gardiner’s, Shelter and Robin’s Islands.  Since then Northport has been the home port and early on the fishing was almost as good as out east. 

Mack with a Midnight Plum Gut Bass


Mike Sr. on the left, Jason on the right and one big Blue in the middle!
Mike Sr. on the left, Jason on the right and one big Blue in the middle!


Albie fishing with Tom
Albie fishing with Tom


Gary’s smiling!


Tim’s first striper


Walter’s Albie


Dennis’ Albie

Now is a time of life for me when the physical demands and necessary tasks required to maintain a craft are becoming more difficult to perform and I hate having to get help all the time. Thick Mick. 

The Reel McCoy II

So I am putting my baby up for adoption and hoping that someone who has been looking forward to the day they too could have a Grady White 232 finds her and loves her as I have.

How lucky can one Grandpa be?


Sarah Grace waiting for a bite


Lloyd Sagendorph and his Striper

She moved to Connecticut in April 2020.

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