The Beaverkill Valley Inn

Lew Beach, NY

Located on the upper Beaverkill this  beautiful resort will make you feel like you are one of the “boys of old,” back when fishing boarders were catered to as gentlemen (or gentle-persons). You get to enjoy the ambiance of a fine lodge, meals prepared with care and accommodations both quaint and comfortable.

Rock on the porch with a good book or sit on one of the comfortable chairs to pull on your waders as there is the Beaverkill, right in front of you.  Walk up past Joan Wulff’s place and on up to the falls if you like – although the waters are private once past the BVI property.

A gentle warning – the good food and timely meals may interfere with your fishing as you will find yourself salivating in anticipation of dinner, and having to choose between it and the spinner fall you came for.

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