The hunt for Albies begins

September 27, 2020 – Smithtown Bay

Shane called last night to see if I could go fishing with them this morning, Sunday. 

No hesitation. Yes. We met at 11 at the LILCO Dock which was not too full. I guess football is keeping the fishers off the water, or maybe it is that Black Fish season hasn’t opened yet and they are waiting so their better half’s can’t accuse them of going fishing too often.  Fishing has not been so great lately and Black Fish are usually a sure thing, well as sure as any fishing can be for fish that matter.

We motor out and head east looking for birds,

…surface feeding blues, bass or Albies is what we want, optimists that we are.  No birds in sight but a few pods of bait are out here, small ones but active. We pass Nissequogue and stop to watch.  Outgoing tide should be bringing feeders into the out flow but nothing.  We eat bagels.  My first since March, since the Covid hit.

Rigging up for the top water

We rig up Shane with a popping Gabs Grabber

…in the bunker pattern so he can work the top.  I have an SP Minnow on which is heavy enough to ride under the surface, but not too far. Tom has a Deadly Dick incase the Albies show up. 

We continue looking and hoping all the way to Stony Brook and Setauket. Bait is on the screen so we prospect but nothing happens.  North we cruise through the fleet which seems to be chunking or porgy fishing. A fish or two come over the side here and there but nothing crazy.  No hoots or hollers.

Back west we scan the water further offshore. 

Not a single bird…well maybe one, but no activity.  It’s like the water is dead.

We head for 11B and the Triangle, water familiar to me. 

We rig up with jigging spoons and I show them the edge.  Wind and tide are against each other and the boat doesn’t move much until we get on top of some good structure and then, for some reason, we can’t hold on it.  Crazy. 

Shane has a hit or two and then brings in the fish of the day,

…a Black Sea Bass.  We aren’t skunked.  We work it a bit more but the tide is at the bottom and its getting nasty so we head in.  There will be other days, with Albies.

Great day with my boys, regardless of the fish.

Tom’s Sea Hunt