The Three Amigos!

October 29, 2018 – Northport –

It was exactly one year ago the three of us were together, fishing for stripers.

It was the day Gary caught a nice 31 inch striped bass on a bunker colored popper off the Centerport Wall. Conditions were warm and calm with an incoming tide. We were bare foot. Today we will be fishing the incoming as well but it is cold and blowing. We decide to go anyway.  The best time to go fishing is whenever you can. Right?

I pick them up at the town dock and there are birds working immediately to our south; fish, seagulls, cormorants, all going crazy.  Nice way to start the day.  Gary asks “What’s been working?”  He loves the popper.  Unfortunately it has not been productive the last few times out so he chooses a Crocodile. 

Tim wants to use a soft bodied shad but if there are blue fish they will destroy it. With the cost of these things lately, no sense in taking the chance, unless a big fish is involved.  He asks for a Kastmaster.

Gary’s the first to hit!

We motor into the fray

…and as I try to keep us out of the mooring lines which are all over the place since many boats have already been pulled, the guys work the water.  Gary is the first with a fish, and then another.  We stay in the area even as the birds quiet down.  Tim has one on.

Its already a good day.

Bow man

We spend a few hours working the water

…all around Bird Island and have some fish, but no blitz and no more birds.  Since we are only hitting stripers, the boys switch to rubber shads and continue to connect, but not all that often. For the rest of the day the birds are absent but the intermittent fish continue.

Tim moves to a favorite plug by Diawa and gets smashed 3 times in a row. Gary feverishly looks through his bag to find something similar. 

Tim had the lucky plug

The docks on the north end of the harbor are tested as are all the usual spots from east to west. Some produce, others don’t.  That’s fishing. We end the day by the Vanderbilt with the tide full and the action nil.

Great to be with friends I have known for almost 60 years. We will be here again, same time next year. 

Flash Back: 

Gary’s smiling!