Tips & Tactics #16 – The value of having a season

I have the disease of more.

More of anything is better than less – at least that’s how I tend to think.

There was a time when fly fishers looked forward to April 1st, the opening of trout season.  It went until June when they retired to the beach and blue fish followed by some salmon fishing in the Canadian Maritimes, if they were a person of means. In the fall some wing shooting bringing them to the holidays when time was spent with the family.

January brought the reading of good books by the fireside and maybe some fiddling with tackle, fly tying for some.  Correspondence with the lodges they were planning on visiting when the season came followed.  They met opening day with a pent up demand for the stream and the excitement of children – and so cycle went.

With modern communications, the shrinking world, and more open sharing of fishing opportunities, as well as the ability to travel to them, the season can go on forever.

Unending joy?  Not always.

I follow my fellow fisherpersons on Facebook and Linked In, Twitter and Google, drooling over the fishing they are doing in this very month.  It sets up an envy that is irritating, yet I resist following them to the river. I like having a break.

I need time to clean up my flies, to wipe down my reels, to think about where I will go this spring, as well as time to do some tying.  I am a self serving tier who keeps trying to make a March Brown like Mike Valla, so I need this time.

The respite of the cycles of old was a healthy thing for the trout and for me. So I have claimed this my season of not fishing.

Looking for things to do while waiting?

Check out the Reading Room and the fly shops listed in Resources for events and fly tying instruction (or your local shops, clubs, TU meetings). River Bay Outfitters and Campsite are good choices here on Long Island.

And try to make it to the Fly Fishing Show in your area.

Fly-Tying at Campsite
Fly Tying at Campsite


Riverbay Outfitters fly tying

If you know someone who has been saying they want to learn how to fly fish, please tell them about How to Fly Fish for Trout, the First Book to Read. I’d appreciate it.

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