Tips & Tactics #22 – The formula for catching a trout

I have been doing chemistry homework with a 12 year old.  I have two Science degrees – I don’t remember this level of chemistry then, never mind in 7th grade.  Common Core…

Any way, a friend wants to catch a trout and isn’t having much luck.  Some of that is because he doesn’t have experience, doesn’t have confidence; some is due to technique. But all that aside, I believe the number one problem struggling trout fishers have is not enough time on the water.

Since the educational establishment thinks it is okay to blast a 7th grader with advanced science, I figure I can blast him with the correct formula to solve his problem, catch a trout that is. This way he can fold the equation up and keep it in his vest, or maybe get it tattooed on the back of his hand.

So I am thinking: what fool-proof formula can I provide to help him reach his goal?

It came to me in a flash of insight:

T = (TM)/(Sx3)@(‘CR)=>5/15+W(w/T)/(AM/PM)+(R&R1)+(FL+L9’4x)+(Tip@18”)w (1CF of CF8)+(S1>S3)x(M#DF@Xhrs)@2x = C1

By George, I think I’ve got it!

Of course, the unaccounted for variables of willingness, attention span and ability to follow instructions need to be factored in, depending on who you are giving the formula to.


Beat 16 Beauty

So Trout equals time, multiplied by the three seasons, at a cast rate equal to or greater than 5 casts per 15 minutes, on water with trout in it, during the morning, afternoon and evening, with a rod and reel loaded with floating line and a 9 foot 4x leader with some extra tippet attached of about 18 inches, on which is tied one of the 8 common flies, in one of three common sizes, multiplied by the minimum number of days fishing at a rate of X hours per day – doubled – equals one (or more) caught trout.

The way I figure it, there is little need for more instruction than this. If a fisher-person spends more time on water with trout in it, at various times of the day, over an extended period of time, with a logical fly on a decent leader, he or she is bound to come upon a trout that will bite. Along the way they will learn how to use their equipment, select and present the flies and maybe make a few friends.

In other words: just get out there and put in some time enjoying yourself 

and the fish will come!

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