Tips & Tactics #5: Wind knots

There are many kinds of knots we use in fishing, all kinds of fishing.  Some are simple and effective, others are required based on the set up of your tackle, type or diameter of line and what you are trying to accomplish.  Some are challenging to tie and it is difficult to remember all the different types such that I go to YouTube when faced with one I don’t tie often. But one knot that we all know how to tie, and do so with some regularity, is the unwanted wind knot.

Wind knots will halve the breaking strength of the leader. These are knots that occur when casting or otherwise flipping the line. They are generally in the tippet section and are simple over hand knots that may be taken out if not tightened, but the rule seems to be that you find them only after they are so tight that cutting them off is the only recourse.

Don’t ever think that you can just leave a wind knot there. If you do, that will be the very day you are going to hook that big fish you have been waiting for, and you will never see him because the knot will break the line. When you get a wind knot, cut the line at that point and tie on a new tippet.

Excerpt from How to Fly Fish for Trout, the FIRST Book to Read.

Netting a nice one on the Willowemoc

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