Tips & Tactics # 3 – Resting a Rising Fish

After a few casts over a rising fish, or one that was rising, consider waiting a while.

Just relax, and wait for him to show himself again. Consider changing flies or switching techniques. You know there is a fish, but you don’t know what he is looking for. You also don’t know if your casting put him down, or if he is busy eating nymphs or bait fish on the bottom. He may be waiting for some specific fly to come by…or for you to go away.

Giving water a rest is always a good idea. Flailing away on a beat for hours just wears you out. Your casting will get sloppy and you will get frustrated. (Picture a deer hunter shooting randomly into the woods, hoping to hit something.)

Sit back and try to solve the problem.  Recall past experiences and review what you have in your fly box. Look around, enjoy the scenery and also look for other trout or likely places they may be. Try casting in another direction from the same spot for a while or just take a seat. Then come back to the original fish.

This will make your fishing more enjoyable, less tiring and your catch rate higher.

Excerpt from How to Fly Fish for Trout, the FIRST Book to Read.


Working the Willowemoc after a rest

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