Tom’s Tips & Tactics


Tips & Tactics # 1 – Patience is a Virtue

That was one of my Mother’s favorite sayings and she would say it out loud as one of us would be testing hers.  While it may be a virtue, it is also an effective tactic to be employed when trout ... Read More

Tips & Tactics # 2 – Betchya Can’t Catch Me!

When on a drift boat or raft on a swift river, like the Yaak in Northwest Montana, my fishing consists of popping a fly into the pillow in front of, and glassy spot behind, each rock. It is not that I see ... Read More

Tips & Tactics # 3 – Resting a Rising Fish

After a few casts over a rising fish, or one that was rising, consider waiting a while. Just relax, and wait for him to show himself again. Consider changing flies or switching techniques. You know there is a fish, but ... Read More

Tips & Tactics #4 – Drag, drag, drag

Streams are deeper in some places than others. They have currents that twist and turn. The wind blows up, down and across. There are rocks and chutes and riffles. Even in an apparently calm pool, unseen factors conspire to tip ... Read More

Tips & Tactics #5: Wind knots

There are many kinds of knots we use in fishing, all kinds of fishing.  Some are simple and effective, others are required based on the set up of your tackle, type or diameter of line and what you are trying ... Read More

Tips & Tactics #6 – How to approach a rising fish

How many rises makes a rising fish? Is one rise enough? Two times? Six? You should not immediately move to a fish you see make a single rise. Some fish rise in an opportunistic way, not soon repeated. Others will ... Read More

Tips & Tactics #7 – What is all this X business?

Whoever came up with this diabolical method of classification was surely trying to keep the common man out of this sport. Like the secret password to get into a private club or the handshake that identifies you as a member, ... Read More

Tips & Tactics # 8 – How to repair a tangled leader

I walked up to a fisher-person on the stream and said hello. I had noticed she was fishing with intensity but seemed to have a rather short leader and what looked like a large fly. I thought maybe she had a ... Read More

Tips & Tactics #9 – Do you always release your fish?

The first year I grew lettuce in the garden and picked it for a salad, my youngest said he didn’t want any. I asked why, since he always took a salad. “It came from the dirt.” was his reply. When ... Read More