Trick or Treat

October 31, 2018 – Halloween in Northport

Nothing too scary here.  I am taking Jas and friends Mike and Mike out fishing for Stripers and the gas is low, or so I thought, and I don’t want to worry about it tomorrow. I went out to fill it up.  I was heading to the Huntington Harbor gas dock as Seymour’s was blocked with boats getting ready to be pulled yesterday. 

On the way, about 10:30, birds and fish are busting

…at the mouth of Prices Bend.  I cut the engine, took a few photos and then cast the heavy Kastmaster into the pod.  About 6 casts in I hook a nice schoolie striper.  Released him  and headed for gas.

Beefy Schoolie

I figured I would need about 85 gallons based on the gauges. The main tank was at the bottom and blinking, the other was above half.  It turned out that the main only took 51 gallons.  That means that it was still half full as the gauge showed empty.  The Auxiliary took 16 gallons on 50. Not near half. 

The guy at the gas dock

…suggested I note the flow meter which tells me how many gallons I burn and check it against the gauges.  Good thinking.  Made notes in the pad in the dash box.  Heading back I took a ride outside, past the two red buoys to the west.  I left the boat in gear and threw out a popper and a minnow while I worked on wind knots in the two fly rod leaders; cleaned up the tackle for tomorrow and headed in. 

It was so nice out I could have stayed but once in the moorings the winds picked up to about 15 mph out of the west.  Its Halloween and I have stuff to do.  Looking forward to the guys tomorrow.

November 1, 2018 – All Saints Day –

…but I don’t think too many people know it. Jason text me that he will be a little late but is bringing breakfast.  Mike Gibbons is on time and we chat as the boat sits on the dock which no one is waiting to use.  I was wondering if it would still be in the water as I made the plan to pick them up.  Last year Mike and Jas had to climb down the wooden ladder on the side of the big dock. All are signs that the boating year is coming to a close.  Jason and the other Mike arrive and we are underway. 

First we check the water by Scudder

…and I see Keith running a boat out of the marina. No fish so we head for the bay. The new Mike is a colorful guy and has his own rods.  He keeps his boat at the dock at Seymour’s but apparently it is out of the water.

Around the bay from east to north to west. 

We go into Duck Harbor as Mike heard there were bass in by the bay side of the Asharoken beaches  from a buddy of his named Dave who has one of those lots where you can park. We get as close as we can to the spot, but the tide is dropping.  No fish, no birds. 

We find birds off Winkle Point. 

There are a good number and we take a few shots at them.  Tin is the bait of choice but Jason likes the lure.  His line fouls and the lure breaks off.  Luckily it floats and we can scoop it up with the net.  It was my knot that failed, although he needs to watch the line as the bail closes and make sure it is clear and winding properly.  He gets it.  New Mike is on the bow excited by the fish and somehow pops the large Kastmaster I just bought off.  No scooping that up with the net.  The fish play out without a hook up and we move on. 

Over to Lloyd

…and then outside and to the west.  Cold Spring Harbor.  We drop jigs by buoy 15 and hope for a fish hanging on the 25 to 65 foot drop off.  We see them on the screen but not on the hook.  Next is inside in the deep hole where Mike Parody (another Mike) caught his big Black Sea Bass last summer.  Some short hits but nothing until I rig up the blackfish pole with some Gulp! that had the tails bitten off. Just dumb luck that a little fluke took the bait.

“Looking for Birds”

…is the call as we go to the head of the harbor and then come back on the east side. A few sitting birds tip off the pod.  There are three boats already working them.  I thought they were moored as they are very close to shore. New Mike gets one and we all celebrate with a photo.  He has another on the rubber shad and thinks out loud about changing lures.  We move around the area but the bite is over.

It is almost 1 pm so we make a run for Centerport

…since they have to be back at the dock by 2 so Jas can get Sarah. I check out the Red Barn where Walter told me a school has been hanging out.  The tide is dead low. The marker buoys have been removed from the channel.  I am in 3 feet of water before I hit the channel which jumps to 13. Nothing is happening by the Barn but I can see birds working on the inside. 

I slip through the mouth

…of the inner harbor losing the channel again and finding myself in 2.5 feet, clear as day, you can see the shells on the bottom. With the engine tilted a little we make it though.  It is a mooring area so we should be okay but it is skinny water. The fuss turns out to be cormorants and seagulls, no fish.

We call it a day and head for the dock. 

There are two or three other boats tied up at the town dock so I let them off at Seymour’s which is in the process of pulling up theirs.  I hope to keep fishing for another two weeks but it will have to be dock less.

Mike Gibbons, Mike O’Brien and Jason McCoy