Trout Season – Day 15 and counting

April 15 –

Trout season is open for 15 days but they have been playing hard to get so far.

Early morning proved to be very slow with hardly any fish moving, never mind rising.  Kevin and I covered Beat #6 and #7 thoroughly with streamers, nymphs and even a dry; Adams of course, size 14, parachute style.  There were a few random flies on the water.

Afterwards we tried the ponds and saw no one.  Whatever happened to those big bruisers who use to hang out there?  Not even the snapping turtle was out.

Next stop was the lower Nissequogue across from the Bull where we finally ran into a rising fish.  I fed him twice and he spit the fly back at me both times.  We kept telling ourselves that we were having a good time, that it was great to be out in the fresh air, that our casting needed the practice – but it sure would have been nice to catch a fish.

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