Two Headed Trout?

April 8 – 9  Roscoe, NY –

Why go up so early in the season?  You know it is going to be cold and nasty, the water will be between 37 and 42 degrees, the fish will be comatose. Well, it isn’t always about catching fish, is it?

Joe and I drove up and took a look at the Neversink.  She was high and off color so we continued on to Livingston Manor and went to the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild gathering at the CFFCM. Beautiful flies, their techniques being shared with all comers. Then we stopped in the Museum to see Jack Pangburn’s exhibit:

Jack Pangburn at CFFCM


Jack’s idea of a box for flies

Next we visited the 206 Bridge which was full but clear and fishable.

206 Bridge View

We headed for the room to rest up before dinner, the Roscoe Chamber of Commerce Two Headed Trout Dinner that is. I had been asked to share with the citizens why people would come up here from Long Island. We stayed at the new Creekside Cabins Bed and Bath on Railroad Avenue in town. Very clean and comfortable, by the way.

Rockland House was the host – “Eat here or we’ll both starve” the sign reads.  It was a 6 course dinner, well prepared and served. Prime Rib that only Joe could finish, it was so generous. We met so many nice folks: the Stones who sat with us, Manny Zanger of Beamoc TU whose wife Marge is President of the Chamber, local realtor and guide Phil Eggleton who was the MC, Ken Tutalo of Baxter House who provided the projector, Donna from Creekside Cabins, the people from the Roscoe Campsite, and more. Bucket Raffles and a silent auction. Good fun.

Beaverkill art by Annemarie Dennis

My talk has some old 8mm movie footage from 1958 of the Beaverkill.  It includes the snack bar that once stood adjacent the ranger’s cabin by the covered bridge.  It turned out that a fellow in the audience’s grandma ran it!

The next morning the sun was out and the wind was down. We did the Roscoe Diner and headed to Catskill Flies to say hello to Dennis. He had some tips for me on tying Quill Gordons. Next was the 206 bridge.  The river had dropped about 9 inches over night and we got into our waders.  It was very fishable, and wadable to a point. We almost thought we might catch something.

Two more stops before heading home.  The Campsite in Lew Beach which had a number of people fishing (not catching but smiling). I think I moved a fish below the bridge but otherwise it was a good time for Joe to test his newly tied flies to see how well they drift. The bridge is still closed although the sign says it should open this year. It was restored to original specs but the new wood is distracting.

The last stop was the Willowemoc in DeBruce. Again, wadable and clear, we had to fish it. More good casting practice – but beautiful.

It won’t be long now.  There were a few caddis about and the mayflies can’t be too far behind.

Thank you again to the Roscoe Chamber of Commerce for inviting us and a special thanks to all  those who purchased books.

And just exactly what is a two headed trout? That would be Beamoc who lives in Roscoe’s Junction Pool and can’t decide which he likes better, the Beaverkill or the Willowemoc…

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