Vintage Authors: John Taintor Foote

I love books, especially old ones about the fishing life. Here is one whose work is thoroughly enjoyable and humorous, capturing the complexities of balancing relationships and our favorite sport.

John Taintor Foote was an artist and author turned Hollywood screenplay writer.  Born in Leadville, Colorado, he moved to New York City and then California. Fished the Catskills, Poconos and Adirondacks in the early 20th Century when trains and wagons were a common conveyance to the streams we still love.

His writing is like watching an old movie with a narrator doing more listening than talking as he weaves the mystery of the male/female relationship while setting the scene so beautifully you can see it – all built around the world of fly fishing for trout.

Anglers All, 1947, D. Appleton and Company, (Appleton Century); 212 pages; Original price marked: $3.00.

Compilation of 9 stories related to fishing written between 1921 and 1937. Includes A Wedding Gift.

A Wedding Gift, 1924 D. Appleton and Company; 63 pages; Original price marked: $1.00.

A terrific story which is built around one fishing friend explaining to another a dilemma he seems to have caused in his marital relationship – on the Honeymoon (which involved some fishing, of course). Well told, the scene set in NYC of the past when trains were the way to travel. The book is rare but the story is also included in his later compilation – Anglers All.


A Wedding-Gift by-John-Taintor-Foote
A Wedding Gift by John Taintor Foote

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