Where do Bonefish come from?

I first heard of bonefishing from David Sandler,

…a potato chip salesman turned sales trainer whose legacy continues to this day.  We met in the late 70’s through the Control Data Corporation which hired him to teach us how to sell intangible products to major employers. Products and services that had never been sold before, cost benefit being the angle. I recall telling the CFO of a Fortune 100 that I could save him a few million with this product.  His reply was “Is that all?”

Anyway, David had just returned from a bonefishing trip

…at a fly fishing lodge.  I don’t recall the location but believe it was in the Bahamas. He was so excited about it we didn’t talk sales until the lunch was coming to an end. I made a note, put it on my list of things that I needed to do. Today I’d call it a bucket list but I was too young for such things at the time.

Dombrowski is a Montana based fly fishing guide.

Missoula. He is also a poet and writer. This is a story about bonefish and how fishing for them came to be the popular sport it is today.  It is about the people who established a lodge to do just that and the local Bahamian who was there with them, who did the work, who managed the skiff and found the fish – David Pinder.

It is a complex read with challenges for me,

…twists and turns, inserted thoughts and observations that take my mind elsewhere before returning to the blue water and the fish. The story unfolds gradually.  As you continue on this voyage, you realize it is a story of many stories. Perspectives, introspection, conservation, exploration and exploitation, sport and sports.

A writer on a quest,

…a man he refers to as a sage, and a fish that draws us to a place of happy destiny, if only for a while.

It is a beautiful book for all these reasons and one I will re-read for sure.

Body of Water, A Sage, a Seeker and the World’s Most Alluring Fish

By Chris Dombrowski

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