Where to go

Leonard M. Wright, Neversink (1991) Atlantic Monthly Press. Wright had the good fortune to own not one but two properties on the upper Neversink and he spent considerable time and energy in trying to improve the habitat much like Hewitt before him.  A good read and full of information on what it takes, as well as mother natures response, to improving a stream.

Ed Van Put, The Beaverkill (1996), Lyons & Buford

Rick & Jerry KustichFly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead (1999), West River Publishing; Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead (2013) Headwaters Books/Stackpole Books

Lee HartmanTrails in a Wild Frontier; The fascinating story of how fly fishing came to Russia

Angelo PelusoFly Fishing Long Island; A Comprehensive Guide to Freshwater & Saltwater Angling on Long Island.

Austin M. FrancisCatskill Rivers, Birthplace of American Fly Fishing; and the companion photo essay book:  Land of Little Rivers

Long Island Trout UnlimitedTrout Fishing on Long Island’s Spring Creeks, Go to LongIslandtu.org and click on book cover to order.

Chuck Fothergill & Bob Sterling, The Montana Angling Guide 

Farmington River Anglers AssociationA Guide to Fishing the Farmington River; Available in local shops such as Upcountry Sportfishing.

Fran Betters – Ausable River Guide; Look for it on line or from classic fly fishing booksellers

John MordockA Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Catskill Coldwater Streams and Ponds, Their histories, their fish and techniques to catch them. A comprehensive guide of fly fishing the Catskills. Look for it on line or from classic fishing booksellers.